Pro2pac founded on a partnership with a cabinet maker that required commercial high-volume high-quality work. And after 17 years we are still doing it today. Regardless of profile or shape we can produce the finish that clients want.

For Pro2pac and our clients to be successful we had to be bigger and better than anyone else in Queensland. Knowledge from industry experts with a strong focus on lean management and technology allowed us to reduce time turnaround while maintaining the high quality expected in high-volume-quality work.

Our stats show that we are ready for all types of high-volume work:

  • Large 2000m2 factory
  • ClearView tracking system
  • 33 plus staff
  • 5 x vehicles
  • 4 x Topcoat booths
  • 2 x Undercoat booths
  • 2 x white sanding booths
  • 1 x Airforce edge bander
  • 3 x Kremlin paint systems
  • 1 x edge sander
  • Quality products and paint
  • 1 x wide belt sander
  • 116 years of combined experience and knowledge
  • Strong partnerships with our suppliers

We work with you on your timelines and delivery schedule to make the project a success.

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