Pro2pac – The Flat Profile Specialists

Pro2PAC has a reputation for high-quality work, the ability to paint almost anything, and is the specialist for flat panels or a ‘Series One’ profile.

Our process for ‘Series One’ profiles came about because the commercial sector needed high-quality, large-volume work. Working with industry experts Biesse and Nover, Pro2Pac has created a high-volume second-to-none Series One system.

Flat Panel Specialists - The process

Step 1

Using a Biesse Stream B Air Force System (AFS) we bond the Nover edge tape with heated pressurised air at 470C to the edge of the panel.

The benefits:

  • Stronger bonding.
  • Improves the strength of the corners.
  • Higher water-resistance.
  • No raw sanding required.
  • Quicker turnaround times.
  • Durable edge taped panels.
  • Sealed panel edges without glue lines.
  • Heat resistant (near ovens & hot appliances).

Step 2

Using a Biesse Opera 5 wide belt sander the ‘Series One’ panels are fed through the machine for the perfect surface preparation finish.

The benefits:

  • High grit P600 finish.
  • Quicker turnaround times.
  • Removes any imperfections.
  • Excellent paint key surfacing.

After ‘Step 2’ the panels are cleaned and then off to one of our four topcoat booths for final painting.

Our ‘Series One’ system provides a fast, cost-effective 2Pac solution that Commercial builders can rely on to complete projects on time and on budget. All our paint work also comes with a 7-year warranty for total peace of mind.

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