What Is 2pac?

What is a 2pac finish?

2Pac is short for a two pack finish, which relates to two liquids mixed to create a more durable finish, which allows a 7-year wear and durability warranty to be given.

  • The coloured polyurethane resin gives the specific colour and the gloss level for your project.
  • Polyisocyanate resin: This is the hardener in the product which gives the drying capabilities, non-yellowing properties and the durability of the coating.

The combination of these two ‘packs’ causes the paint to harden. This results in a thicker, more durable surface than other paints and finishes as very little of this product evaporates due to the smaller amount of solvent in the mixture. Furthermore, it reduces the VOCs – the Volatile Organic Compounds.

2Pac is most commonly found as a finish on cabinets in areas which need to be durable.

  • Kitchen cupboards
  • Bathroom cupboards
  • Other cabinets in lounge rooms, libraries and studies

2Pac can be difficult to apply. As such, such work needs to be done by a professional. 2Pac can cost more than other alternatives but is certainly worth the additional expense to get such a superior product.

It should be noted that 2Pac:

  • Takes a specific time to dry, and therefore needs to be stored appropriately
  • Needs to be kept in a controlled environment
  • Needs to be exposed to heat to speed up drying
  • Needs to be applied by a professional wearing specialist equipment

Why choose 2pac?

There are many reasons why you should choose 2Pac.

  • It is easy to repaint unlike melamine, laminate or vinyl
  • Resistant to heat, moisture and stains
  • It can be used on multiple different surfaces
  • Looks great years later
  • Does not warp or crack

2Pac is a brilliant finish that is durable and appealing. Why would you choose anything else?