What is 2pac?

2pac paint is a coating system in which hydroxyl groups (part A) react with isocyanate resin (part B). This combination creates a painted surface coating known for its excellent durability and resistance properties particularly against heat and moisture. 2pac paint products are also able to achieve very high gloss levels and are available in an infinite range of colours. 2Pac is most commonly found as a finish on cabinets in areas which need to be durable while providing a high standard of finish such as:

  • Kitchen cupboards
  • Bathroom cupboards
  • Internal doors
  • Shop fit-outs, commercial and residential areas

2Pac is considered the premium surface coating option. At Pro2Pac we use a luxurious Italian 2Pac paint, recognised for its exceptional durability and aesthetic appeal. From matte finishes to high gloss, the spectrum of colours we offer is limitless, assuring a match for every vision. As part of our commitment to quality and workmanship we provide a 7-year warranty on all our work.

It should be noted that 2Pac:
  • Needs to be applied by a professional using specialist equipment and knowledge
  • Preparation is key to achieving the perfect finish. The right sanding finish is critical to ensure the right result and to ensure the paint adheres to the product to look perfect throughout its life
  • We can colour match just give us a sample

About gloss levels

10% is known as a matte finish. It has a chalky feel and absorbs most of the light giving it a low sheen finish. With a matte finish you can lose some of the body and depth of the colour depending on the colour selected. Matte is ideal for those want a 2pac finish without the shine

30% is known as a satin finish. Its texture is described as a satin finish hence its name. It’s ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, and internal doors. It can hide fingerprints, so ideal for young families and high traffic areas. With a 30% sheen we start to see more shine while providing a more subtle appearance with the selected colour

60% is known as a semi-gloss. It gives a beautiful finish and provides great depth and body while providing more strength in the selected colour. Ideal if you want a little bit more shine to your projects. The disadvantage is if you have a light scratch of damage, it can’t be buffed out like a 100% gloss and would have to be resprayed like satin and matte

100% is known as a full gloss. Here we get a silky-smooth finish with full reflection. Full gloss provides the highest level of depth and body to the selected colour. At this level we have maximum shine and wow factor to any project. The disadvantage is it does show any imperfection or fingerprints on the surface and will require regular cleaning. The advantage is that it can be buffed with very high grit polishes and sandpaper to remove light scratches and bring the paint back to life looking like new again.